Ko’ula condo is the newest Ward village condo – Kakaako

Ko’ula condo

In a letter to shareholders, Howard Hughes announced that Ko’ula condo is the newest Ward Village condo in Kakaako.  When new condos have been introduced this way int he past, it usually signals that sales will start in the next 12 months. This 570-unit condo is still in early stages. Currently, there are no renderings, however, it is understood that it will be a similar project to A’ali’i condo. A preliminary plan is under review with the Hawaii Community Development Authority (HCDA), which governs development in Kakaako.

ongoing A’ali’i condo sales

In the meantime, A’ali’i condo sales have been going well.  The 751-unit condo has approximately 183 units currently under contract.  The Reserve housing element of the building, which encompasses approximately a third of the units in the building..

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