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The Ko’ula condo architecture is different from other condos in Ward Village

The Ko’ula condo architecture is different from other condos in Ward Village. The up and coming architectural firm Studio Gang designed the condo and construction will likely begin next year. The design is a departure in style for Ward Village, but once again a unique condo. The name “Ko’ula” is the Hawaiian word for red […]

Resale condo market in Ward Village, Kakaako

Many buyers and owners of a condo in Ward Village are interested in the resale market in Ward Village. Even if they are not sure about selling their condo, to understand how condo units perform on the existing condo market. So far, two condo buildings have been completed by Howard Hughes Corp in their Ward […]

Hawaii International Film Festival (HIFF) 2018

One of the most exciting things to happen in Hawaii in November is the Hawaii International Film Festival (HIFF). This is one of the most premier film festivals for the Asia-Pacific region. Each year the Halekulani hosts this famous event, which brings together films from around the world. The 38th annual Hawaii International Film Festival […]

The Ko’ula condo building site has been cleared

The building site has been cleared for the Ko’ula condo in Kakaako. Sales will start in early 2019 for the Ko’ula condominium, the latest planned luxury condo at Ward Village. The Central Plaza seems to be nearing completion. The coconut trees were installed several months ago. The grass is still being installed. The definition of […]

A’ali’i condo groundbreaking – New condo in Kakaako

Today, I enjoyed the ceremony for the A’ali’i condo groundbreaking. New owners, developer employees, and other dignitaries were on hand for the ceremony. Mayor Kirk Caldwell delivered a short speech on the benefits of the transformation of the area. Incorporating unique architecture with the concept of promoting a simpler way of life is the hallmark […]

Top 10 Vacation condos in and near Waikiki

Many people love to vacation in Hawaii. Plenty of visitors come regularly to Waikiki for many years. After so many repeat visits, it can make sense to buy a condo to use while vacationing and then enjoy rental income when not in Hawaii. Quite a few condominiums in and near Waikiki are individually owned and […]

The 1133 Kaiulani condo project is canceled – Waikiki

The 1133 Kaiulani condo project is canceled. The developers, Kobayashi Group, MacNaughton group, and Black Sand Capital were joining forces to build this condo. After years of planning, the developers canceled the project citing rising construction costs. The higher costs have made the project less attractive as a residential condo. However, after years of delays, […]

The Central Ala Moana condo in Honolulu received unanimous approval

The Central Ala Moana condo received unanimous approval by the Honolulu City Council. This is the second project by SamKoo, the Korea based developer. There will be a total of 310 affordable units. The government defines “affordable” as buyers making 80% to 140% of the Average Median Income (AMI). Then a further 202 units will be […]

Merriman’s restaurant at the Anaha in Kakaako’s Ward Village opens

Merriman’s restaurant has opened on the ground floor of the Anaha condo in Kakaako’s Ward Village. The farm to table restaurant by Peter Merriman has been much-anticipated in the Kakaako community. The styling is a french-bistro with focus on Hawaii Regional Cuisine. Each dish at Merriman’s is crafted using local ingredients from the Hawaiian islands, and […]

1350 Ala Moana condo building brand new paint-job

The 1350 Ala Moana condo building has gotten a brand new paint job. I drove by the 1350 Ala Moana a few days ago and noticed that one side of the building received a new paint job with the other sides underway. I always have been a fan of this building. It is so close […]

Central Plaza Kakaako groundbreaking – Ward Village

The Central Plaza groundbreaking in Kakaako’s Ward Village happened a few days ago. This is the start of the first phase of this project. The Plaza will cover about 1.5 acres of land next to the Ward Theater complex with it ending at the future A’ali’i condo. Central Plaza the future place to be in Ward […]

The Gateway towers condo is on hold – Kakaako

It’s official, the Gateway Towers condo building is on hold. Many have been wondering what was happening with this project. The Gateway developer, Howard Hughes, has had more than 60% of the building under contract. Yesterday, May 24th, the Gateway contract holders were notified of the cancellation of their contracts. Technically the developer has said […]

Azure Ala Moana a new Ala Moana condo – Honolulu

ProsPac Holdings backed by a group of Chinese Investors are developing Azure Ala Moana a new Ala Moana condo. This is a 41-story mixed-use tower at the corner of Makaloa Street and Keeaumoku Street across from Walmart. The site is located at 1518 Makaloa Street. Condo units available This building has 4 sections. The first […]

Buying, living and resale prices at the Anaha condo building in Kakaako.

Buying, living and resales prices at the Anaha condo is something everyone is watching out for. After completion of the Anaha condo building has shown the benefits of buying in Ward Village and having Howard Hughes Corporation as the developer. The Anaha is the second tower completed by Howard Hughes corp as a part of […]

Magnum PI Hawaii home set to be demolished

The Magnum PI Hawaii home set to be demolished. The home featured and made famous in the 1980’s series will likely be demolished. The owner, a good friend of President Barrack Obama, obtained the demolition permit for the 8,500 square foot home. Magnum PI and Robin’s Nest The original television show staring, Tom Selleck, shot […]

Living near the new Whole Foods market in Kakaako (Honolulu)

Whole Foods market Kakaako, Honolulu Living near the new Whole Foods market in Kakaako (Honolulu) Hawaii. Many statistics have been reported about property values near a new Whole Foods. In Honolulu, it is no different. Living near the new Whole Foods market in Honolulu’s Kakaako district is something many Buyers want. In June, the largest […]

New Anaha Condo owners are moving in their Kakaako home

New Anaha condo owners are moving in their Kakaako home. This is the second tower in Howard Hughes’ Ward Village project. Most of the Anaha tower units have sold. The street level town home section is scheduled to be completed next month. People are excited about the Anaha condo in part because of the amenities. […]

Most expensive neighborhoods on Oahu, Hi

Everyone loves to look at high-end, expensive homes. The upper-end of the market usually has homes that display new and innovative design ideas. It is also a dream for many to live in these spectacular homes. Many home buyers want to make sure they buy property as close as possible to expensive neighborhoods in the […]