Public hearing has been announced for Ko’ula condo – Kakaako

Last week, in a letter to shareholders, Howard Hughes Corporation announced its intention to develop a new condo in their 60-acre Ward Village development. Public hearing has been announced for Ko’ula condo for June 6, 2018. The Hawaii Community Development Authority (HCDA) which governs developments in Kakaako want the public’s input into this 570-unit new condo. This is the 8th tower to be offered for sale in Howard Hughes Corporation’s Ward Village neighborhood. The hearing is being held at the HCDA offices at 547 Queen Street, Honolulu.

HCDA Rules

The HCDA imposes certain restrictions on development in Kakaako. They have design guidelines and also requirements on how much “affordable” housing is offered for sale. Because Howard Hughes Corporation has about 60 acres in Kakaako, they have some discretion on where to put their required affordable housing. They have dedicated nearly all the units in Ke Kilohana to affordable housing. Then, approximately one third of the units at A’ali’i condo are classified as affordable. Ko’ula condo is also expected to have affordable units.

Design Variances

Design guidelines set by HCDA sets other design rules. For example, the HCDA has said they do not want to see parking structure bases no higher than 45 feet. Howard Hughes Corporation will be asking for a variance to have the base of the building be 75 feet. It is similar to what they have done at their other completed projects. This design allows Howard Hughes to have retail space at the ground level and also to accommodate adequate parking with the condo. Many of the developers in Kakaako have asked and have been granted this variance.


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