New Anaha Condo owners are moving in their Kakaako home

New Anaha Condo owners are moving in their Kakaako home

New Anaha condo owners are moving in their Kakaako home. This is the second tower in Howard Hughes’ Ward Village project. Most of the Anaha tower units have sold. The street level town home section is scheduled to be completed next month. People are excited about the Anaha condo in part because of the amenities. Of note is the cantilevered pool, which is part of the one-acre amenity deck. This glass-bottomed pool is particularly eye-catching from the sidewalk below. It also has a sand volleyball court.

The 317-unit Anaha condominium building is second building to be complete by Howard Hughes Corp. This all a part of their Ward Village project. Across the street is their first ultra luxury project the Waiea condo. This mixed-use building has commercial space on the street level. This area will have restaurants, shops and services.

New Anaha condo. Convenient Hawaii living

Some shops in the new Anaha condo building along the ground floor are already open for business. J salon, a full service salon, who gained considerable attention on the ground floor at the IBM for many years now finds a new home at the base of the Anaha Condo. J Salon is one of the first shops to open.

Eventually the famed Merriman’s restaurant will open on the Anaha condo ground floor. Merriman’s is expected to be a popular Honolulu restaurant. Other restaurants that have been introduced in the neighborhood are either owned by local chefs. Other area restaurants are extensions of already popular restaurants. Places like Nobu at the Wailea Condo, Piggy Smalls and Scratch have become popular places. Merriman’s is a further extension of this. This restaurant is expected to be extremely poplar just like their other restaurant in Kailua-Kona on the Big Island.

Furture conveniences are coming. For example, Whole Foods will be opening across the street. With a separate elevator to access the ground floor, getting to and from the 50,000 square foot Whole Foods will be very convenient.

The Anaha is close to Ala Moana Shopping Center

These are some of the latest businesses which are cropping up nearby. Other shops including Foodland Farms, a local market, is only a couple of blocks away from the Anaha condo. This is part of the recent Ala Moana Center’s Ewa Wing expansion. The Ewa end of the mall includes a Nordstrom’s, Zara’s clothing, Bloomingdales and more.

Ward Village and the area directly surrounding Anaha Condo is an exciting destination. It is more than just a place to live, it is the new active urban lifestyle that describes Kakaako.

As new Anaha condo owners are moving in and the neighborhood develops with additional buildings such as Ke Kilohana, Ae’o condo and the Gateway towers look for further development of this walkable neighborhood concept. The idea is to reduce the need for cars. Look for more tree-lined streets as more improvements are made in the neighborhood.

Your Anaha Condo.

If you want to live in the Anaha, please ask me about the few remaining developer units. There are also some re-sale units available for sale. One of the nice parts about buying today is that there is no need to wait for a completed condominium unit. Buyers can move in right away. Contact me for more information about the Anaha condo. Get your slice of Ward Village now.


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