Koula condo exterior view

The Ko’ula condo architecture is different from other condos in Ward Village

The Ko’ula condo architecture is different from other condos in Ward Village. The up and coming architectural firm Studio Gang designed the condo and construction will likely begin next year. The design is a departure in style for Ward Village, but once again a unique condo.

The name “Ko’ula” is the Hawaiian word for red sugarcane, and the design of the building is reflective of waving sugar cane. The supports on the exterior of the building undulate back and forth mimicking the sugar cane.

Internal concrete columns of Waiea, Anaha, and Ae’o condos

The design of Waiea, Anaha, and Ae’o condos all have an internal support system. Internal concrete columns support the structure allowing for a dramatic curtain wall. This type of construction can create an unusual exterior such as the waving glass on the Waiea. The only drawback to this design is that living space can be taken up by a massive column. The columns can make it challenging to stage furniture, and it can also block the view.

Indoor-outdoor living at the Ko’ula condo

With the Ko’ula condo, the design is different. The structure is held up by exterior columns. This design will allow for more open living space and will not obstruct the views. The design also has deep, recessed lanais. The entire concept is to flow the interior out to the exterior. Bringing the beauty of the island view inside the living space is the dream of living in Hawaii. This indoor-outdoor concept combined with the deep lanais means a more Hawaiian style way of living.

Studio Gang is making the Ko’ula condo into a sculpture. The red sugar cane sculpture will have 570 condo units. The studio, one, two and three-bedroom units will range in size from 300 square feet to 1500 square feet. Prices are not yet available.

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