Ko‘ula construction updates new Kakaako condo

Koula condo construction June 19, 2020

June 19, 2020


UPDATE:  June 19, 2020

The foundation of the Ko’ula condo is really taking shape. The tower is just starting to rise from the foundation under a beautiful rainbow. Contact us for your private viewing online.



Ko'ula condo construction June 4, 2020

June 4, 2020


UPDATE:  June 4, 2020

Changes are accelerating at the Ko’ula condo construction site. This is when the building begins to take shape rapidly. The contractors are aggressively moving forward with Ko’ula Condo. Contact us for your private viewing online.




Ko'ula condo construction update May 28, 2020

UPDATE: May 28, 2020

The foundation of the new Ko’ula condo is underway. We are excited to see the two cranes busy to help the building rise faster. There are some excellent units still available. Contact us for your private viewing online.




Ko'ula condo construction update may 21,2 020

UPDATE: May 21, 2020

Construction at Ko’ula condo is well underway. With the addition of a second crane, work is progressing quickly on the foundation. Sales have been strong. More than 76% of the units have accepted contracts on them. It is expected to be an exceptional condo.

Virtual tours are offered by appointment.

In the virtual tours, you can view everything from the floor plans to finishing materials, view planes, and the amenities. It is a safe way to view the project from the comfort of your own home. Contact us to make an appointment.

Ko‘ula construction updates February 20, 2020.

Ko‘ula construction updates February 20, 2020

Ko‘ula construction updates February 20, 2020

The contractors are fast beginning with creating the foundation. As everyone knows, the longest part of building a condo is to complete the foundation. Now that Howard Hughes is in full swing with construction with the Ko’ula, we are expected with delivery in late 2022, if everything goes smoothly.

The condo is nearly sold out. In light of the new pricing offered at Victoria Place condo recently being about $2000+ a square foot, Ko’ula condo prices being at around $1500 per square foot makes this condo an excellent buy. Located along the beautiful Victoria Park, this will be a condo in Ward Village like no other. The right condo will have un-obstructive views over the Kewalo Basin.


Ko‘ula construction updates December 3, 2019.

Ko‘ula construction updates December 3, 2019

Ko‘ula construction updates December 3, 2019

Here is the latest on the Ko’ula condo update. Technically, Howard Hughes broke ground in July 2019  on Ko’ula condo. However, work did not seriously begin until just recently. Construction crews are starting with clearing and installing the pilings for the foundation.

This is all while the A’ali’i condo is currently under construction on an adjacent property front on Victoria Park. Also, they are upgrading the sewer lines along Auahi in preparation for all of these new condos.

Ko’ula condo is the first condo in Ward Village designed by Studio Gang, an award-winning architectural firm. Again this is aiming to be a LEED-certified condo. It is another step towards making the entire neighborhood, when complete, a LEED-certified neighborhood. The condo is already better than 90% sold out.

Ask for an update & more information on units for sale


The current prices are ranging from a studio for $701,000 to $1,544,000 for a two-bedroom penthouse overlooking Victoria Park. There is also one three-bedroom unit left for $1,846,000. This unit is the last three-bedroom unit available in the condo.

The target completion date is 2022. It will be some time before the developer, Howard Hughes Corporation, offers a more specific date. Meanwhile, we will continue to offer Ko’ula construction updates.  You can watch how the building progresses and transforms the neighborhood of Ward Village.

Sales are still ongoing at A’ali’i and have started on the newest Ward Village condo of Victoria Place. The neighborhood is shaping up to be a complete urban oasis in Honolulu.

Contact us at 808-394-9779 so we can help you get one of the last remaining units at Ko’ula condo.


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