new Kakaako condo across Symphony Honolulu

New Kakaako condo across Symphony Honolulu by Howard Hughes Corp

A New Kakaako condo across Symphony Honolulu by Howard Hughes Corp. That is the latest rumor. Howard Hughes Corp is looking to develop a new project located at Ward Ave and Kapiolani Boulevard. This new Kakaako condo would be located directly across the street from the just finished Symphony Honolulu condo. The development site is the one in which has Jack in the Box and the Galiher Building on it.  The 2 structures are both only 2 stories at present. In the future, it could have a 40 story condominium.

Based on the plans the Howard Hughes Corp has made for their 60 acre Ward Village development, it is most likely that this new Honolulu condo will have the majority of units as reserved housing per the Hawaii Community Development Authority (HCDA). The HCDA which governs the development in Kakaako, has strict rules for developers to offer a certain percentage of units as affordable through their reserved housing program.

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