Living near the new Whole Foods market in Kakaako (Honolulu)

Living near the new Whole Foods market in Kakaako (Honolulu)

Whole Foods market Kakaako, Honolulu

Living near the new Whole Foods market in Kakaako (Honolulu) Hawaii. Many statistics have been reported about property values near a new Whole Foods. In Honolulu, it is no different. Living near the new Whole Foods market in Honolulu’s Kakaako district is something many Buyers want. In June, the largest Whole Foods in Hawaii will open. The 50,000 square foot store is their flagship Hawaii store. In other areas on Oahu, they have had to down-size their desired store size to fit into the tight space. Nowhere this more true than in Kahala. Currently, many of the residents in Kakaako have to drive to Kahala to shop. The store gets unbelievably crowded with constant long lines.

Very likely this will not be the case in Kakaako. Surrounding buildings, especially the Anaha and the Waiea which are within a block of the future store, will greatly benefit from having a grocery store so close. In fact, it is one of the last major pieces that make Ward Village a neighborhood that you never have to leave.


UPDATE: Whole Foods has opened today,  May 9, 2018. The 72,000 square foot store will have 300 employees. It will feature many local products and will have lots of outdoor and indoor dining options. The adjacent parking garage is already open. The official name of is Whole Foods Market Queen

Whole Foods Market Kakaako opening May 9th 2018

Whole Foods Market Kakaako opening May 9th 2018

Living in Ward Village, Kakaako Hi

Ward Village in Kakaako is full of many restaurants and shops. The residents of the area really only needed to leave Ward Village to go grocery shopping. Most everything else is available within walking distance of the neighborhood. In fact, it is such a pleasure to walk in the area with its tree-covered walk-ways and soft gentle music, many people don’t want to leave. No wonder Architectural Digest named Ward Village as the best-planned community in the United States.

Condos nearby Kakaako Whole Foods

Other condos will benefit from the Whole Foods market in Kakaako. Most notably will be the Aeo condo when it opens up late this year. The condo will have its own direct secured entrance to the Whole Foods. It will be so easy for residents to pick prepared foods or buy last minute groceries. And the A’Ali’i condo building will also be within walking distance.

Not too far away condos like the Koolani, Waihonua, Hokua, Nauru, Pacifica, 909 Kapiolani are within a relatively short distance for those condos to shop at Whole Foods. The largeness of the store will likely draw shoppers from even farther distances, especially with the Kahala store being perpetually crowded.  The parking will be ample. In fact, the parking garage is now open. It is the first smart camera parking garage in Hawaii. Utilizing Park Assist, it is anticipated this will greatly help the flow and ease of getting around the garage and finding a free space.

The positive impact of  Whole Foods in Kakaako

Whole Foods market in Kakaako will have a positive impact. Likely it will help push property values higher, as it has done in many other neighborhoods. According to research done by Forbes in June 2017, properties within a mile radius of a Whole Foods appreciated faster than the national median sales price. Not only people living in these nearby condos will close to grocery shopping, but their properties are likely to appreciate more because of it.

Whole foods Market Kakaako - above

Whole Foods Market Ward Village before opening day

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