Gateway Towers Front (Model)

Ward Warehouse demo permit secured, Gateway Towers Honolulu condo

Honolulu's Gateway Towers condo building is coming. Yes, it is finally happening! Back in June, Howard Hughes corporation ($hhc) applied for a demolition permit for Ward Warehouse, the iconic shopping center in Kakaako. The shopping center which opened in 1975 has been the home of many small businesses over the years. The original plan for Ward Warehouse, from Victoria Ward at the time, was supposed to be a temporary mall that could easily be taken down. It was planned that it would only be in use for about 15 years or so. Fast forward 41 years and the truth is that it remained in place far longer than anyone had planned. It has become a regular haunt of many shoppers and diners over the years.

Several businesses have already started the painstaking task of relocating. The famous Old Spagetti factor will open at the Aloha Tower Marketplace and other popular businesses will soon be moving. In its place will be the new Honolulu Gateway Towers condo building with a large park in between. It will create a new welcoming space beginning from Kewalo Harbor (being redesigned by Howard Hughes Corp).

Richard Meier the famous architect is designing the cylindrical Gateway towers and subsequently will be designing the Blade tower, which will be forth coming. The two towers will encompass at total of 236 units between the two towers. Condo units in the Gateway Tower are currently for sale and it is approximately 60 to 70 % sold out.

If you are interested in the Gateway Towers or one of the other New Honolulu condo buildings please follow the links below:

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