The Ko’ula condo building site has been cleared

The building site has been cleared for the Ko’ula condo in Kakaako. Sales will start in early 2019 for the Ko’ula condominium, the latest planned luxury condo at Ward Village. The Central Plaza seems to be nearing completion. The coconut trees were installed several months ago. The grass is still being installed. The definition of the plaza starts to show where the Ko’ula condo will be located.

The building site has been cleared for the Ko'ula condo


Ko’ula condo’s unique design

One of the best features about the Ko’ula condo is that the ground floor retail space will flow out to the Central Plaza. This is going to create a special place as outdoor restaurants will flow out to this park area.

The Ko’ula condo’s building footprint is an interesting shape. It has been a little unclear as to how a new condo will fit in next to the Ward Village Theater. Now that the Central Plaza has taken shape and the land has been cleared, the triangle-shaped footprint has been exposed. It is not a normal square block as was seen with Waiea, Anaha, and Ae’o.

Ko’ula condo ocean views

Now it is clear that the Ko’ula condo location will have views over the Waiea amenity deck and the future addition to the Central Plaza. Direct views will also look over the remodeled Kewalo Basin. Many of the condo units should have lovely ocean views. Sales are expected to begin in early 2019.


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