Five of the most expensive neighborhoods on Oahu

Most expensive neighborhoods on Oahu, Hi

Everyone loves to look at high-end, expensive homes. The upper-end of the market usually has homes that display new and innovative design ideas. It is also a dream for many to live in these spectacular homes. Many home buyers want to make sure they buy property as close as possible to expensive neighborhoods in the hope this will help support their property values. Plus, it is just fun to check out what is happening in these neighborhoods.

The most expensive neighborhoods on Oahu

Let’s take a look at five of the most expensive neighborhoods on Oahu to buy a home and live.

Makiki Heights, Oahu – Makiki Heights is an older, yet special neighborhood. Historically, people used to gravitate towards neighborhoods like Makiiki Heights, Tantalus, Manoa before air conditioning. These areas stayed cooler for more months out of the year. Even during the hot Summer days being higher up and closer to the mountains was cooler and breezier. The other benefit is the view. Makiki Heights has dramatic views over all of Honolulu. During the day, the best views can be from Diamond Head, over Waikiki to Downtown and out to Honolulu Harbor. At night, it is a dramatic display of lights. The high-end homes in this neighborhood are estate sized, large properties. Residents of Makiki also enjoy how close it is to everywhere in Honolulu. Can you just imagine getting anywhere in Honolulu in under 10 minutes?

See homes available for sale in Makiki Heights.

Diamond Head, Oahu –  Like Makiki Heights, Diamond Head is an older neighborhood. There are some famous spots in Diamond Head. Two of the big famous spots are the Diamond Head Lighthouse, which just turned 100 years old, and the Doris Duke Estate. The lighthouse is a true landmark and still functions as a beacon announcing many ships to Honolulu. The house by the lighthouse is also where the head of the Coast Guard for Hawaii lives. And the Doris Duke estate is the home that Doris Duke had built at one of the best points on the ocean. This is a fantastic neighborhood.

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Hawaii Loa Ridge, Oahu (Main photo) Hawaii Loa Ridge is a high-priced neighborhood with fantastic ocean views and also is a gated neighborhood. This is definitely an exclusive neighborhood. It is challenging to find anything available in this neighborhood under $2million. Some of the larger estate-sized lots are priced dramatically higher. Hawaii Loa Ridge also comes with a bonus recreation center which is exclusive to people who live in the neighborhood.

See homes available for sale in Hawaii Loa Ridge

Lanikai beach, Oahu – Lanikai is a hugely popular neighborhood in Kailua. This neighborhood is very close knit. People that live here, love the ocean and they to be outdoors. The loop around through the neighborhood is perfect for people that like to run and walk or bike ride around the neighborhood. Nearly everyone living in Lanikai is within walking distance to the pristine white sandy beach. Lanikai Beach with the view of the famous Mokulua Islands maybe one of the most photographed beaches in the world.

See homes available for sale in Lanikai.

Beachside Kailua, Oahu – This is another neighborhood in Kailua that is extremely popular. Bordering right along Kailua beach, all of the homes in Beachside are either on the beach or steps away. It is tough to find a home below $2 million in this neighborhood. Each street in Beachside is different and some are in more demand than others so prices easily can get over $2 million for a simple home with a pool. People that live here enjoy the beach and ocean. It is perfect for swimming, kayaking, kite surfing or just go for a walk on the beach.  Many poplin the morning walk down to the Kalapawai market for a coffee in the morning. It is a wonderful way to start the day. The neighborhood is also a short distance to Whole Foods and tons of shopping and restaurants.

See homes available for sale in Beachside


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