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Pricing in the Anaha condo building – Kakaako, Honolulu, Hi

Anaha condo pricing: Updated November 23, 2016. - Contact us for the latest Anaha condo pricing and availability : phone 808-394-9779 or email here

If you have happened to be in Honolulu at any time recently, you have seen new condo buildings being built in Kakaako, Waikiki, and Ala Moana. Howard Hughes Corp's Ward Village is one prime area that is going through a dramatic change. Their first 2 luxury condominiums, The Waiea and the Anaha condo buildings, are the first to be built.

Waiea condo vs. Anaha condo

While the Waiea condo only has 2 units and some penthouse units left, there are more units available at the Anaha. As the Anaha condo starts to get more glass and more floors are added, everyone can see what a beautiful building it is. Despite its own unique architecture and design, the Waiea condo has been seen as the more exciting option. However, Anaha is beautiful and modern with clean lines. Stepped back from Ala Moana Boulevard, it could have less street noise. With many luxurious amenities, this will be a stellar place to call home.

Anaha pricing

The pricing in the Anaha condo when first released seemed high to many. However the pricing has not changed much since the first release of the condos. The popular "B" unit is priced at approximately $1385 per square feet. This is for the 27th floor 1922 square foot 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom unit.

Compared with other units on the market, the pricing seems to very close to what other comparable units are on the market for. Here is just a sample of those units:

Comparable condos for sale now in Kakaako condo

Hokua 32G - This 1620 square foot, 3 bedroom and 2 bath Hokua condo is in one of the prime buildings in the area. Unobstructed views and open floor plans. Listed for $2.795 million, this is priced at $1704 per square foot.  This is in more of a prime location. There is no future possibility of view obstruction. and this beautiful interior despite being built in 2006.

Waihonua 4103 - The Waihonua was just completed in 2015. This 3 bedroom, 2 bath has 1935 square feet. Because the building is set one block back, there is view obstruction from the Nauru condominium building, Hawaiki and the Hokua condo. It also looks over 1350 ala moana condo. This is somewhat similar to how the view of the Anaha condo will be obstructed in the future based on the planning for the area.  the list price for 4103 is $2.55 mil which means it is priced at $1317 per square foot.

One Ala Moana 1500 - This 3 bedroom, 3 bath unit has 1800 square feet interior. One Ala Moana condo, located at the Ala Moana  Center was completed at the beginning of 2015. The beautiful modern interior of this luxury condo may be the closest to what we are expected from the Anaha condo.

The Anaha condos are fantastically priced in comparison with existing condos in the area. The condo will be completed in the second quarter of 2016 and this will be an exciting new addition to Kakaako. If you would like to get more information including a brochure with floor plans please contact me. There are only a handful of prime units left.




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