Kailua Beachside Oahu housing update

Kailua Beachside housing demand is increasing – Oahu

Kailua Beachside on Oahu is one of the more affluent areas in Kailua along Kailua beach. One of the things that we carefully watched last year is median sales price which was a little over $2.2 million and so far this year in 2016 it is actually $2.975 million for this small neighborhood that stretches  between Kalaheo Ave. (North and South) and the pristine Kailua Beach. This is a highly desirable area prices have gone up quite extensively over the past decade and before.

Beachside Kailua home price overview

Shockingly at present four of them are on the ocean and listed at over $6 million that means that there are only seven that off the beach and in any hope o to slightly less affluent buyers right now there is only one property available hundred $2 million. The lowest priced listing is  $1.875 million for this 5 bedroom, 3 bath house and is on 10,000 ft.² of land. It fronts on South Kalaheo Ave. There's a public right-of-way that is very close by to provide direct access the beach. This is the lowest priced property that you can buy right now in beachside. As I have watched properties increase in value over the years and have reached new heights and sales prices, I've been continually surprised by this changing events. Just in the past six months I've seen run down properties that have been one lot off the Beach self for $1.9 million. So it is a factor of clearly supply and demand

Beachside Kailua represents a level of an ideal living that many people adore. Not having to cross a busy street, being on a private, quiet small lane just a few steps to the sandy beach is a dreamy lifestyle.

Kailua Housing Market demand

One would think at some point this might change, that somehow the property prices would increase to a certain point where prices would either stagnate or possibly to decline but this hasn't happened. Demand has simply increased. More and more people find that it's easier to live in Hawaii and have a lifestyle that allows them to be more flexible with where they can live. They also likely crave a more healthy lifestyle.  Many of these people buying here are not local people. What this means for the market is that there is an ever-increasing buyer pool that is interested in the lifestyle that Kailua Beachside represents. Because of this vast buyer pool it is pushing prices of the limited number of  available homes higher. The cycle continues and the prices are increasing. I feel that the demand for these beachside homes will continue. The main drawback is that many of the homes are older. The demand is strong enough to even overcome this as homes in all states of repair normally sell relatively easily. The only exception are the properties that are on the beach and this is only because they are a higher price point.

Other areas in Kailua, Oahu island.

If you're interested in beachside Kailua or any neighborhood in Kailua including Lanikai, Maunawili or Coconut Grove please don't hesitate to call me I know all of these areas intimately all of these neighborhoods and I would be happy to help.

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