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3 homes for sale & real estate | Kahului

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Lifestyle & outdoors In 3

No surfing nearby

1 park in this area

Kahului Park

No beach nearby
No golf nearby

Living in 3 3 is a neighborhood in the Kahului district of Maui.

3 is car dependent.

Housing Market Trends for 3

There are currently 0 real estate listings for sale in 3. This includes homes, condos, multi-family homes, and vacant land.
The average listing price in 3 for condos is $0 and for homes is $0. The median sales price for 3 over the last 90 days is $0. If we break this down per property types we see that the median sales price for homes is $0 and for condos $0.
The number of sales in the last 60 days are 0. The average days 3 properties stay on the market before being sold is 0 days.

3 is a neighborhood located in the
district on the island of

Average Listing Price 3 for condos & homes

Median Sales Price 3 for condos & homes

Number Of Sales 3 for condos & homes

* information deemed reliable, but not guaranteed
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